Biyernes, Marso 11, 2016

The Case For Golf Range Netting

Golf range netting is a necessary item that must be installed on all golf ranges to prevent errant golf balls from traveling to where they are not supposed to go. 

The netting is especially valuable where there are casual people enjoying themselves eating, walking, sitting or anywhere that they are not expecting a golf ball to come whizzing through the air.

The golf range netting is completely flexible and inexpensive, and it can be hung in just about any configuration needed in order to stop the flight of a golf ball on its way to disrupt or injure persons who may not be expecting such a rude intrusion.

Parking lots, residential neighborhoods, retail stores, and roads adjacent to the golf range are areas that would be subject to hazards if the netting were not to be in place. It is just a very good precaution to have the netting installed.
Another great advantage is that netting can contain the golf balls that have already been hit and keep them in a restricted area. In this way, they can be easily collected at the end of the day, making them available for the next day. It is a much easier process to have them all near each other.

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